The number of reps

During the entire existence of bodybuilding there are constant disputes about how the current number of repetitions necessary to make an approach to achieve maximum results in the construction of the body. It clearly and affirmatively to this question can not be answered. Because we are all unique. Let's see what kind of interval repetitions suits you.

Exactly the right will not monitor for repetitions, but for the time the muscles under stress. The optimal time of 20 to 30 seconds, which is approximately equal to 6 - 15 repetitions at a medium pace execution. But this rep range is too wide and you can easily make a mistake.

In drawing up the training program should be based, as mentioned above, on the physiological characteristics of the organism. This condition is the key to sustained progress and growth.

So, first we should define the purpose of training with weights. If you want to increase the power of their performance, the need to train in the range from 1 to 5 repetitions, so this range is used pauerliftinge repetitions. And if the purpose of the increase in mass, the range is from 6 to 15, if you use the advanced technique of the above, this rep range is popular in bodybuilding. And accordingly it is necessary to select a weight with which you can work in a given range of repetitions.

What diet to choose

Suppose one of your girlfriend weakened. Very! It is more than certain that after your surprise, automatically the following question: "what diet do?". And somewhere or rather ... right there starts your martyrdom, since you feel that once you discover the most successful way to get rid too of extra pounds. All you have to do is follow the same tactic! Later, however, and while the days pass nothing seems to have changed ... The rest is known. Falling back to face the food, convinced that nothing ... "works" in your case!

The reality, however, lies precisely in this keyword. Your case! All that we have to gain from the "adventure" you, is the basic truth about diets: do all for everyone! Precisely for this reason there are thousands of different diets, so that appropriate and eating habits of the individual to enable weight loss. So starting to find its "own" your diet, first look which matches the 'type' you. Basically there are 3 different species.

These low fat, these low calorie and those of low-carb. To follow a low fat diet will have to get used to:

• Do not eat much meat • Like fruits and vegetables • Eat regular meals (every 4-5 hours)

• Do not eat out often to follow a low calorie diet have to get used to: • Need wide variety of foods

• Do you bother to calculate the size of your portion

• We are enough small quantities of cuisine you prefer

• Exit other diets because they find boring menus proposed To follow the low-carb diet should accustomed to:

• Eat meat, cheese and eggs

• Do not feel fuller if you do not eat any of the above

• Do not be very interested in the variety of foods

• Limit fruits and vegetables

• Avoid bread, pasta and sweets

• Eating often outside

The expert recommends: eating plan for those who work a lot

Count how many hours of the day you spend in your workplace. Sure enough, this is higher than the standard 8-hour day and the question is how a man who is far from his home many times is to eat properly and healthy so that it can either maintain weight when it is in the under normal or losing weight. It seems difficult? Yet, it is!

Diet Design

- Made up of 3 main big meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) a day and two smaller intermediate (brunch, afternoon).
In case of increased hunger consume unlimited salad or one extra fruit or 1 yogurt 0-2% or 1 cup milk 1.5%.
- Drink at least 5-6 glasses of water a day and taken to avoid thirst feeling during the day, suggesting dehydration.
- Drink coffee, tea and other beverages in moderation (up to 2-3 days) using sugar substitutes (saccharin).

Avoid consuming much fat cheeses and fats other than olive oil. Alternatively the oil replace each one with 10 pieces of nuts, preferably almonds, nuts or 5 olives.

Foods Weight Plan for everything

It's true: Certain foods cause so intense calorie burning by the body to literally help you to burn calories, and even the time you consume these foods. Indeed contain important nutrients and substances that will increase your metabolism.

See what these foods and put them in your diet if you want to lose weight without any additional action on your part:

Whole grains: Your body burns twice as many calories to break down the whole grain foods (especially those that are rich in fiber, like oatmeal and brown rice) compared to processed foods.

Lean meat: The protein has a high thermogenic effect: You can burn even 30% of calories they contain lean meat during digestion. So a chicken breast with 300 calories requires about 90 calories to digest the body.

Low-fat dairy products: They are rich in vitamin D and helps to maintain your muscle mass, which is essential to have a strong metabolism.

Green Tea: The drink four cups of green tea a day helps people lose more than six pounds in eight weeks (under balanced diet), according to research published in the journal American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Contains the substance EGCG, a chemical compound that temporarily speed up metabolism. The hot summer months is a good idea to have a jug of iced tea permanently in the refrigerator.

Lentils: A cup of lentils contains 35% of daily needs of the organism in iron. Consider that 20% of people lacking iron. When you are missing an important nutrient, your metabolism slows down, because the body takes what it needs to function effectively . When you are missing an important nutrient, your metabolism slows down, because the body takes what it needs to function effectively. Hot peppers: Capsaicin containing (the substance that makes peppers) warms your body and makes you burn extra calories.

A well kept secret in terms of exercise and health is the famous Cardio ie running on a treadmill, the rowing, the cross-training and the famous spinning. And no it is not only for women. Those abs and make pale before a quarter of an hour in stepper or bike three times a week.

A quick diet for the impatient! Lose up to 6 pounds in a month ...

The battle with excess fat can be done walking, if you know the weapons with which they have to "fight" ...

Milk, yogurt and cheese -in light / low fat version of their vevaios- is the basis to fight fat and put your metabolism to function perfectly. "Diets high in calcium and milk reduce the accumulation of adipocytes and simultaneously accelerate the decomposition of fat . Specifically, when the calcium intake from food is high, increases its concentration in blood resulting in reduced secretion of the hormone calcitonin, which increases the storage of fats (triglycerides) in adipose tissue. This has the effect of accelerating decomposition of fats "notes dietician.

2. Make the necessary replacements! In've said again and again, whole grains is the largest fitness secret to put them with excess fat. "The high content of wholegrain foods in fiber reduces both the absorption of fat, and the feeling of hunger, thereby reducing the amount of food consumed."

And not simply eat less, but you have to know that "the increased content of wholegrain foods in complex carbohydrates combined with fiber do not cause sudden changes in blood sugar levels and reduce the rate of lipogenesis, thanks to that cause low insulin secretion ".

Catechins have significant activity in adipose tissue in the abdominal region and contribute to improving the distribution of body fat.